Raw Cambodian Wavy


Raw hair is 100% unprocessed and has not been chemically altered.

Each raw bundle is sourced from a single donor directly from Cambodia, which means that it isn't mixed with other hairs and has absolutely NO synthetic fibers. 

With that being said, no two bundles are the exact same and the hair colors range from natural brown to a natural black.

2 Bundles are recommended for 14in - 16in

3 Bundles recommended for 18in - 24in

3-4 Bundles recommended for 26in - 28in

Weight: 3.3 - 3.6oz

Hair Life: 3+ Years with proper care 

Maintenance: High 

Care recommendations:  Two strand twist at night. Spray with water and conditioner/leave in conditioner every other day and brush or comb with a WIDE TOOTH comb from end to root. Shampoo and condition your extensions as if it was your natural hair.

*All bundles cleansed and conditioned before being shipped*


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