Doing the Math - My first big wig purchase

Jun 29 , 2021

Doing the Math - My first big wig purchase

I know that flashing prosperity and high prices are in style these days but I’m the opposite. I’m frugal and low key but that never stops me from keeping myself up or looking my best.  Bundles and wigs are all over the place now. I didn’t like the pricing so it took me longer than most to buy into it. After doing a bit of research, I finally decided to purchase my first wig. It was 22 inches of human hair with a loose body wave curl. I loved it!


At first, I found it a bit stressful because I wanted the lace to look realistic. I wanted hair with good quality, something that fit my face, and a style that would be low maintenance. In retrospect, I can see that I was asking for a bit much, but I don’t think any of it was too much to ask for. I looked around at pictures and read reviews. After about a good two months, I chose to proceed with ordering. It was the most expensive wig that I’ve ever purchased. Most of the wigs that I’d purchased before were synthetic wigs that cost $40 at best. 


I went to a local stylist where she cut the lace, plucked the part, and taught me how the natural curl patterns of the hair worked. She also taught me about applying makeup foundation to the lace for a realistic part. I later had a different stylist create a part on the opposite side and do a curl set using flexi-rods. I enjoyed experimenting with the natural curl pattern. The biggest adjustment was the amount of hair because I chose 180% density and that was the longest and fullest that I had ever worn hair. Now I love the way it looks on me!

My human hair lace front wig 

I opened this piece by admitting my frugal ways. That hasn’t changed but doing the math showed me that I could have saved the money that I’ve spent on countless synthetic wigs by investing in a wig with human hair, better quality, and a natural appearance.  Long story short: I would definitely buy another human hair lace wig. I don’t encourage that you shop outside of your means, but I do encourage you to do the math!


Marisha Mathis


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